Elana Jeffery: Restorative Therapies Based on Feldenkrais Principles, Family Constellation and Ancient Wisdom

I have developed my therapies based on close observation of the world inside me and all around me, and feel profound inspiration from ancient wisdom. Elana Jeffery

There is no right or wrong, good or bad

My teaching methods allow you to learn through trial and error, in a spirit of fun and games. I trust the process: I’ve often felt that I do not know anything, yet surrender to the greater good, and it’s OK. I live by the sea, observe the ebb and flow of the tides, learn from the natural cycles of life. This energy has a profound influence on me.

“In Elana’s sessions there is no right or wrong, good or bad: she creates a simple space away from the day-to-day complex world. That space is disconnected from the world as we know it, yet it is actually completely connected as I am then required to draw on my own inner resources to solve my challenging issues. Elana shows me that the solution is actually within me, which is ultimately empowering. Then there is someone to rely on, an anchor, confidence and somewhere to return to. There is hope, development and change. It is clear to me that I am no longer dependent on what others think. Elana is constantly helping me to get closer to that inner place of peace and confidence. My life is much easier as a result.”
Inbal P, Israel



This is an approach where we collaborate closely to see a challenge as an opportunity to discover new movement (physical and spiritual).  From the first session it is clear that conflict is not effective; we accept the situation, and recognise that there are different ways to approach and process, which result in a solution.

As Ruth, who has been exploring processes with me over the last 6 years, says:

“Sessions with Elana relieve stress. If there is a physical problem, Elana does not see it as negative. Gently yet assertively she coaches you to have a wide and comprehensive view, which puts the small problematic issue into perspective, and allows us to work through it to a solution, using our natural intuition. Our focus is on ways to reach the solution, not on the problem.”


  • Individual and Group sessions in Ryde, Isle of Wight
  • Individual and Group sessions in your home in London area
  • by telephone
  • online
  • workshops





In friendship,

Elana Jeffery

Flat 3, Clyde House, 35 Dover Street, Ryde, Isle of Wight PO33 2BW

Tel: 07969 252412   info@elanajeffery.com

For more background information see Feldenkrais, Ho’oponoponoTheta HealingCranio Sacral 

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