Simply Simple for Mother and Baby


Simply simple mother


Almost without words

Connection between a mother and her child

The most natural place where mother and baby have all knowledge between them


I allow that knowledge to speak and be

For Mother to allow the senses to develop and to blossom

I’m here to enable Mother to believe in and give place to feelings which arise within

To see who the baby’s soul is which has come to them as a family

And let him or her be who they are

In all spiritual, mental, physical dimensions


Infants and children. Pure beauty and wonder

We do not need to do anything

It’s Simple

To be tuned in

To observe

The way they show us who they are, and what they need

To be who they are

Elana Jeffery

January 2013

Sessions are available by:

  • Individual sessions in Ryde, Isle of Wight
  • Individual sessions in your home in London area
  • telephone
  • online by Skype

First session is 1 ½ hours. Subsequent sessions are 1 hour, usually 1-2 times a week, depending on individual cases.

I also offer group sessions for mothers and babies, addressing the shifting needs of both.

Weekend workshops

As we are all so busy during the week, I invite you to visit Ryde in the beautiful Isle of Wight for a weekend Family Workshop. After an introduction meeting Friday evening, we meet on Saturday and Sunday for sessions, involving the whole family. Further details are available at or 07969 252412


Dancers and Movement


I am a member of Feldenkrais Guild UK


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