I am a qualified and experienced nursery and primary school teacher, and trainer of  educational staff teams and carers. I was Head of Education of all ages on a Kibbutz (cooperative community) on the shores of the Sea of Galilee in Israel, where I developed my approach to fearlessly enhancing individual expression of each child within the group framework.

As a hands-on grandmother caring for my toddler grand-daughter on a regular basis, I am keenly aware that today’s children are coming to teach us how to relate to them.

It is our challenge to be relaxed, focused and open to their guidance, while at the same time ensuring the wellbeing of the parents. This is for optimum balance in the parent – child relationship. I now would like to share this knowledge with parents everywhere.

My approach is to reinforce the natural parental intuition through fun, games and laughter using profound ancient wisdom and ways I have developed based on my life-long experience. I work in depth with both parent and child at the same time, to ease their relationships for a more harmonious family life.

Sessions with me are not limited to an observation of the child; they also allow the parent to get to know themselves better. This process allows them to see their child with new eyes, and to get to know them better. By complete acceptance of the child and how he is, the parent can also relate to the child differently, and understand in a new way how to mould and forge a more realistic, understanding and loving relationship with them. This results in a positive change in the parent and child, which builds the self confidence of both parent and child, and provides a firm foundation as they mature.

There is no such thing as an “average” child

It is clear that there is no fixed way to raise a child by charts or comparison tables based on averages and rights and wrongs. These can undermine a parent’s natural instincts and self confidence, and result in letting others run their life and cause unnecessary worries and fears. Parents are often chronically tired and stressed: their resistance can be low. My way is to redress the balance, to gently encourage parents to trust their natural instincts, not have unrealistic expectations of an “average” child (which doesn’t exist), and thus relieve stress and restore fun and happiness to the family.

Karen (mother of 2, who I have treated for past 3 years) says: “The atmosphere in your room, the healing energy you emit; just sitting in your room relaxes and heals me, and reminds me of myself. You enable me to remember about myself as mother, and a person in my own right.” Thus there is no resentment of the child, and the relationship is more harmonious.

“Elana is very warm and insightful. Her gentle hands-on approach has not only helped relieve my daughter’s breathing, but also has given me the confidence to support Alex through a difficult transition into nursery – where she is now flourishing.” Jo Lucas, Kew, Surrey

Over the years I have wide experience helping to overcome developmental delays, and have treated children who have difficulty nursing, sleeping, eating, then later crawling, walking, writing and focusing. I have also worked with blind and other mental and physical handicaps, and recovery from injury and sickness.

As Karen says: “I first came to you when my son was 18 months old, and still not walking. The results were immediate, from that first session. You encouraged me to allow him time to develop, so I stopped pressuring him. I understood that I must not make comparisons, and I remembered that the fattest boy in my class as a child became the leader of the class. You reminded me that every child has wisdom and knowledge, and through you I realised that my son is a complete being who has his own issues, and you see him simply as a whole person, not just his problem, which is a part of him.

You gave me tools to help him get back to himself when he’s lost, or when I’m lost.

The long term result is that I no longer worry, my level of anxiety is sharply reduced – there is healing for all.”

In some cases I treat both child and parent. Mel’s 11-year-old son was introverted and was being bullied. He lacked confidence, and was very dependent on her. “After the first session with you, I saw he came home in better spirits, and asked to continue sessions with you. In the long term he is now less dependent on me, has greater self confidence, feels he is understood, and that we have related to his emotional needs. He now knows how to ask for help when necessary.

This enabled me to address my issues. Now each of us is breathing our own clear air around us. I discovered the source of my being, in accepting my weaknesses. I can now cope independently, on my own, in the long term, and do not feel isolated. I received more than I expected from you.

Sessions are available by:

    • Individual sessions in Ryde, Isle of Wight
  • Individual sessions in your home in London area
  • telephone
  • online by Skype

First session is 1 ½ hours. Subsequent sessions are 1 hour, usually 1-2 times a week, depending on individual cases.

I also offer group sessions for mothers and babies, addressing the shifting needs of both.

Weekend workshops

As we are all so busy during the week, I invite you to visit Ryde in the beautiful Isle of Wight for a weekend Family Workshop. After an introduction meeting Friday evening, we meet on Saturday and Sunday for sessions, involving the whole family. Further details are available at info@elanajeffery.com or 07969 252412


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I am a member of Feldenkrais Guild UK


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