In 2011 I was blessed to meet Sharon Waxkirsch, one of London’s leading Hypnotherapists

Sharon was recovering from a back injury, and was suffering a lot of pain.

From the first treatment I gave her Sharon recognized a powerful similarity in our healing energies, and felt immediate relief. She was able to move in a way she had not been able to for months and months.

As a result, Sharon and I decided to work together, to offer a powerful fusion of our natural healing skills, combining our years of experience, training and profound knowledge in multiple fields of energy healing, in particular Hypnotherapy and Feldenkrais.

Being a powerful fusion of the Healing Energies of two highly qualified therapists, each proven to be very effective in their own right, we offer a high-frequency treatment technique particularly suitable for the more challenging and complex cases where there is a serious imbalance or blockage resulting in troubling ill health, such as in stroke, Parkinsons and cancer patients.

Sharon has a Clinic in St John’s Wood, London, where individual and Group Sessions are available.

Further details are available at [email protected] or 07969 252412


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