Telephone / Skype Sessions

My sessions are also effective by Telephone and Skype, in Hebrew and English


Just as I offer sessions enhancing awareness through movement, meaning physical movement, I also offer sessions by telephone and Skype for awareness through flexibility of thought.

These sessions result in a shift in mindset, opening new possibilities for ways to view a situation. The process of finding the best way forward then happens organically, from within yourself.


Anna R, Israel, explains the success of a recent Skype session: “I was angry with Naomi, so annoyed at her clumsiness! During our Skype session you assessed the overall situation with unconditional acceptance of Naomi’s way of managing in the world. You talked through practical ways to help her get organized, with no trace of anger or resentment. It completely changed how I saw the situation, and the result from my new-found acceptance and understanding was a great relief; more harmony and happiness for the family.”

Sessions by phone and Skype are sharply focused and can bring even clearer, faster results than face-to-face sessions. Other advantages include:

  • convenience, from the comfort of your own home or office
  • saves time and effort in travelling to and from sessions
  • saves fuel and travel expenses
  • familiar surroundings, especially important for babies, children and handicapped

To arrange a session by phone of Skype contact or 07969 252412

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