My particular passion is supporting mother and baby throughout the process of pregnancy, birth and the first year of life.

I accompany the mother during the life-changing process, to enhance the experience.

The process includes:

1. Exercises for physical relief during pregnancy, birth and the following year.

2. Support with mindset issues during the process.

3. Help in interpreting the needs of baby, for a more harmonious family life.

My experience helps you find answers to questions about delays in development, for instance:

  • breastfeeding issues
  • disturbed sleep
  • prolonged crying
  • crawling, walking and developmental questions

My approach is Simply Simple

Sessions are available by:

  • Individual sessions in Ryde, Isle of Wight
  • Individual sessions in your home in London area
  • telephone
  • online by Skype

Further details are available at or 07969 252412


The Healing Power of the Sea


I am a member of Feldenkrais Guild UK


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