The Sea Fascinates and Restores
Treat Yourself to a Restorative Seaside Walk

The restorative power of the sea is a life-long fascination for me.  For many years I lived on the shores of the Sea of Galilee in Israel, and now I live by the wide expanse of Ryde Beach in the Isle of Wight, England, with views from my windows over the Solent.

seaThe ebb and flow of the tides and multitudinous moods of the sea are reflected in our bodies and our lives.

Inspired by the restorative power of the sea, I am now offering hour-long sessions during an informal, refreshing seaside walk. The sessions include listening, observation of verbal and wordless expression and movement. The sea enhances my insights, while relaxing and refreshing you.

Like the constant sea, I support and enable self-awareness through unconditional acceptance of all who come to me, so you can accept and love yourself, using a combination of various methods from my therapeutic experience and self-development over more than 30 years, including teaching, counselling, Feldenkrais, Cranio Sacral, Family Constellation, Theta, Ho’oponopono and Dance Therapies.

Just imagine how it would feel to be supported and relieved of:

* That nameless fear which is keeping you awake at night

* Anxiety about turbulent change at home or at work

* Stress-related aches and pains

* Midlife worries about empty nest, ageing parents, and what’s next

* Upheaval during relationship crises and divorce

* Dating and new relationship anxiety

* Doubts and worries concerning children and babies with developmental delays

* Discomfort during pregnancy

* Clarity around family disruption and estrangement

These seaside sessions are powerful, and the benefit is felt from the first meeting.

For more details contact: or call 07969 252412


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